Upcoming Rumors About Next-Gen Console Dev Kits

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Everyone loves the games of Grand Theft Auto. The crime, the cars, and the bad guy’s allure gamers to play these games. However, some people are getting annoyed with the game’s slow pace and repetitive mission patterns. When asked why GTA is taking so long to release, the producer confirms that the delay is a planned feature for the new game.

Talking about the PC version, there is no reason why it won’t be a success. Speaking to all the fans, leading artist Shawn Fonteno explained that the reason is that, to him, the PC version of the Grand Theft Auto series is the best. Supporting this, actor Shawn Fonteno who starred as Franklin Clinton in pleads with PC fans to patience. Moreover, he informed me that development takes longer, especially when making video games as vast and ambitious as Rockstar.

Many fans have complained about the long duration of Grand Theft Auto IV trailers, which have not less than 20 minutes. Well, this is quite understandable, considering that the trailer shows everything that you will find in the full game. However, there is good news for all the PC fans who did not like seeing the trailers. Since the game will be coming to Steam, where it will be available for download for a price of $40, many fans will buy the game, be satisfied with it and then upload the trailers on YouTube. According to many, this is a better option as it will let the players decide if the game is worth buying.

Considering that there is a new platform launching every other day, such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, many fans have been waiting for this long-awaited arrival. Nevertheless, Microsoft has released a new controller for Xbox 360, which helps users enjoy gaming even more. The controllers released for the previous-gen consoles are no longer being made, although some are still available in stores. As the game will require new controllers anyway, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Meanwhile, Sony Computer Entertainment America has released several games for the PSP, such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Little Big Planet. According to a few, they’re not too happy about the graphics and the story, but many PSP fans are sure that the games are worth spending money for. Besides, the PSP is already taking over the gaming market, so taking part in the competition is like taking part in another life. With Killzone, fans will experience how real military fights are, while with Little Big Planet, they can explore space.

Although there is nothing much that has been said regarding the future of Killzone and maybe the end of the series itself, there is a certain feeling among fans that they would like to see a new game in the series. However, it will probably take a very long time before we’ll get another installment of Grand Theft Auto. Although there is already a rumor about a possible sequel to the popular game, everyone would still wait for at least a few more months before we’ll finally see the next chapter in this popular video game series.

The rumors about the next-gen consoles are already circulating, but one thing that’s still a secret is whether the games will use PS Move or the Move 2. People might be speculating about this because they’re both rumored to be coming out soon, but it’s a matter of opinion. The PS3 launched with Move, so if the next-gen consoles will also incorporate a camera with built-in motion detection, then that’s a possibility. Of course, the system will still have to support games made for the PS3 and Xbox 360, such as Gran Turismo and Rare’s GoldenEye: Reloaded. For now, it’s just best to wait and see how games will playout for the next couple of years.

There’s still no definite timeline regarding the next-gen consoles, and judging by the sales of the first few titles, many people would like to have more time to play them. Even though Nintendo and Sony released the gaming devices earlier this year, there’s still a long way until it comes out on the market. We may not have a lot of time left to wait and see if it can replace the Nintendo Wii, which has been so popular. With all these rumors, it might be better if you don’t spend too much time speculating and waiting for news instead of playing games to see what you think about them. This will help you determine whether the games are worth the money.

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