A Look at Games for Nintendo Switch and Xbox in 2020

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Games tend to come out every three months or so, and you can expect to see many new games this December. That’s because that’s the third anniversary of the original release of the Mass Effect series. It’s also a time when big-name developers are showing off their newest games to everyone. Here are some of my picks for what we can look forward to in the next few months.

Halo: Master Chief Collection: Halo Anniversary is a great title. After Halo’s release: Reach, many fans became very disappointed and started looking for a new Master Chief game to play. Halo Anniversary provides a chance to rectify that, allowing you to play as the original Master Chief, as well as the Noble Team and the UNSC Forward Untoward War. The new storyline involves the awakening of the Master Chief and the Covenant after being stranded on Mars.

A new IP from HTC anodic is coming to phones and tablets later this summer. Taiwan-based technology giant HTC has almost entirely developed this one. A rumor has it that this will be the first games to run on Windows Mobile, though this hasn’t been officially confirmed. It’s been speculated that it will be an evolution of games that we’ve already seen on other platforms. One thing we can expect, though, is that it will feature motion-based controls like those found in competing games like Pokémon and Temple of Elemental Evil.

No doubt about it, Gears of War: Phylon is coming to smartphones and tablets later this summer. The title has been widely rumored for quite some time, as it will feature the return of Gears multiplayer. The news about the new game came via an interview with Epic Games’ director Cliffside. Here’s what he had to say about the possibility of Gears of War: Phylon coming to Windows Mobile.

” Gears of War is definitely the first game that was ever shown on a mobile platform. Our goal at Epic is to take all our experience from PC to consoles. We’ve always been a PC company, so we were a little bit nervous about introducing Gears into the console space. But it’s been a long time coming so we’re obviously very happy to be able to bring it to market,” he told MCV. He went on to reveal that the first game will be released for PlayStation 5 and that it will contain “a whole host” of new features not seen on previous versions of Gears of War.

Finally, during a gameplay demonstration for an upcoming game called Rainbow Six: Rogue, one of the characters, Hawke, could be seen swinging an animation-styled combat gun. It’s been rumored that this game will be arriving on the Wii in the future, so now is a great time to get your first look at how that can work. What’s more interesting is that EA has also confirmed it will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade. Hopefully, we’ll see some more announcements regarding the future of both Microsoft and Nintendo.

Another mystery game that has been making the rounds is called Rainbow Six: Rogue. This is in development at Iron space studios and is said to be the spiritual continuation of the hit team-up game Rainbow Six: Guns of the Stars. While no concrete details have leaked out (yet), it’s clear that both Epic and Nintendo are doing their best to keep secrets surrounding this one. If you’re interested in playing Rainbow Six: Rogue on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to act fast because publisher Versus Gaming has just released the game for the Wii U in June.

We should know more about any of these next-gen consoles by the end of the year. Meanwhile, EA has promised a few more surprises as they wrap up the year with two major releases. The next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Nintendo are sure to have their fair share of surprises, so stay tuned for more. Until then, Happy Gaming to both Nintendo and EA, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the games!

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