The Top 5 Most Popular Games for Your January 2021 Mobile Game

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Games represent 10% of all the time spent on smartphones. On average, nearly eight games are running on a smartphone in the US. Globally, smartphone users play an average of at least 2 to five games per week.

Games have become a critical element for smartphone users. If you had to make a list of the reasons why games are so important, it would be very long. However, we can give you a short glimpse into the list of the top five most important reasons why mobile games are gaining in popularity:

The Best Mobile Game: This is a game available for free on most cellular network providers. You can have a free ride on the city bus with your favorite mini metro game. This game makes you use your brain. The game involves lots of thinking and critical thinking skills like the best mobile games.

The Best Mobile Gaming Revenue: This one doesn’t require much explanation. Everyone loves shooting games. Although this can be very boring for some people, most people enjoy shooting games. Shooting game genres are growing faster than any other category of mobile gaming. According to a recent IDC report, smartphone revenues for the first half of this year are expected to double its yearly revenues.

The Top 10 Games for Every Occasion: This is another factor that helps games gain momentum. A game can’t gain traction without having the right mix of entertainment, education, and entertainment. All the major game genres are making their way to the top 10 list every year.

The Top 10 Games for Your January 2021 Mobile Game: Games must offer great value for your customers and grow in popularity to gain global prominence. Games have the power to connect people from different cultures, backgrounds, educational levels, and skillsets. According to recent research by ComScore, a leading digital advertising company, there will be more time when mobile games will be a part of daily routine activities instead of just being an option for a quick pick-up during the commute. People play games while they commute, during breaks, and even when they are waiting for their partner at the office. If you are offering a new game that can be played through mobile apps, it will increase your yearly revenue.

The Top 5 Games for Your January 2021 Mobile Game: Games that offer some form of interaction between players are expected to gain traction. Games that allow users to build a social community and feature on social media are also likely to perform well. Games that provide some form of the challenge are also considered to be the top ones. One notable trend observed recently is that most of the top games for the first half of this year are focused on mobile devices. Based on our analysis, we believe that this trend will continue and may even grow in the next few years.

What are you looking for in a mobile game? Based on our analysis, we believe that you need games focused on different user groups and offer some form of interactivity between different versions of the game. Games that provide social interaction are always a good bet because this will increase user spending and engagement. You must create a game strategy based on your business objectives to ensure that you can achieve your revenue goals. It is also essential that you measure how successful your games are to determine whether the fun you have designed impacts your bottom line.

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