What Is Up with Grand Theft Auto V and How Will We Find Out What the 2021 GTA Game Will Is All About?

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With Grand Theft Auto V’s release, gamers were eager to find out how long it will take for Grand Theft Auto IV to come out. Many people are expecting it to come out within this year. However, there are still people waiting anxiously for the latest release. Rockstar Games has been rather tight-lipped about any specifics regarding the new installment; however, it seems they have been doing a few leaky things lately.

In late October, a significant magazine released some concept art of what the new Grand Theft Auto would look like. Many fans were excited about the reveal and were very curious about how long it would take for them to look at the new game finally. Leading Rockstar Games producer Dean Wilson spoke to Game Informer magazine and said, “I can’t tell you [how long it will be]. We’re always changing things around. It’ll be exciting to see it, but I can’t say how long it’ll be.” Unfortunately, he couldn’t give a definite time frame.

Most fans speculated that there isn’t a release date because there aren’t any more new releases on the horizon. However, Wilson did add that there are more surprises for gamers to look out for. Rockstar Games has yet to reveal any more details about the upcoming release date of their highly anticipated next installment of Grand Theft Auto. Their latest tease came in the form of the official concept arts. Fans can expect plenty more leaks until the official release date is set.

Rockstar Games producer Mark Pacino released another tweet in November that seemed to confirm an early 2021 release date for Grand Theft Auto V. There have been numerous rumors that the game will be arriving in the spring or summer 2021. Still, with this tweet, Pacino hints that there could be another leak ahead. If he were hinting at a rumor that a new trailer is coming soon, then it would make sense to take it all with a grain of salt. But if he stated that there would be another leak before the new game’s official release date, we may get some reliable scoop on what will be shown in the trailer.

One other rumor that’s been floating around is that there will be no multiplayer in the game. This rumor has been fueled by recent leaks that showed off the in-game social system that will allow players to connect with their friends. In the previous trailers, the character shown didn’t have a social network, meaning that there could only be limited social interactions within the game. With such a significant role within the new theft series, it may be worth looking into just what social options are included. It may also be worth seeing if BioWare will use social media giant Facebook as part of the game’s social system.

The current theft series for consoles, Sleeping Dogs, has been getting rave reviews from PC gaming critics and is expected to achieve success in the gaming scene’s current state. However, with the recent announcement of a pre-launch PlayStation 4 game, Mafia Wars, in January 2021, and a new God of War game in June, it looks like Mafia Wars maybe the series gets the boot from the home console shelves, along with God of War. This would be a massive blow to hardcore fans of the series, which are used to the gamepad as a means of interacting with the game. God of War has always been a very well-received game on the Xbox 360 and had been due to receive a debut on the PlayStation Portable before it was pulled from the lineup altogether. If Mafia Wars slips out before the release of Mafia Wars, it’ll be an incredible let-down for PC gaming.

For Mafia Wars, we’ve seen Mafia games become incredibly interactive as the player must choose how they will approach each scenario. For example, if you want to go for a quick pick-pocketing mission, then you’ll have to make fast choices regarding how you will move through the task. However, if you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge, then you can level up faster, purchase vehicles, or even get more advanced weapons to take down enemy members as you go throughout the crime world. It seems like there will be endless replayability, which makes it one of the most exciting games of this year on all platforms.

If Grand Theft Auto V were the star for this year, then Mafia Wars would be the icing on the cake. The game is already so popular, with over 20 million people have played it as of this writing. It’s easy to see why this one has been given the hot target, as it would be a massive disappointment if Mafia Wars didn’t live up to all the hype that previous games have given us. Some major announcements are coming up next year, including specifics about the next geta game in the works. It will be interesting to see if we can get an early look at what is in store for the franchise. I’m looking forward to it!

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