How To Find An Experience Real Estate Professional

If you plan to sell your home, it is important to choose an experienced real estate professional who can get it sold quickly at maximum value. These home selling tips will help you find a good realtor and get top dollar for your property.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Property

Not every home sells for what it should, but these tips will help you get the best return on your investment.

  1. Give the listing to a real estate professional rather than trying to sell the home yourself. He or she has a wealth of market data about sold homes. This information will help the agent determine where you home should be priced to find the sweet spot that combines a quick sale for the most money.
  2. Make upgrades wisely.  A fresh coat of paint, neutral carpet and affordable landscape improvements can make the home more sellable without a costly investment. Other upgrades are more expensive than they’re worth. Talk to your real estate agent about the upgrades to the interior and exterior of your home that will produce the most cost-effective return on investment.
  3. Eliminate problem areas. A leaky basement, driveway in very bad repair and similar issues will turn off house hunters, even if you’re willing to reduce the price of your home to compensate the buyer for the cost of repairs. Minor issues like broken cabinet hinges, nicks and dents in drywall and a door handle that doesn’t work should be remedied too before you start to show your home.
  4. Stage the home’s exterior. In addition to attractive landscape and a spruced-up appearance, add a nice lawn furniture set to the deck or patio. This will help lookers visualize enjoying the lovely yard, and they might be hooked.
  5. Neutralize personal decor. As just mentioned, the goal is to help potential buyers see themselves in the home. If there are too many family photographs on the walls, drawings by the kids on the refrigerator, quirky knickknacks and similar personal touches, buyers will see the house more as your home, hindering their ability to view it as their next home.
  6. Let friends and neighbors market the home for you. Tell everyone you know, including your Facebook friends, that you’re selling the home. Ask them to pass along the news. One of your neighbors might just be looking for home for their parents or other relatives, so they can be close. Word of mouth and social media marketing is free and can be very effective.

Langley Real Estate Agents

If your home is in Langley, interview several agents to find one with a combination of experience and energy. Even better, find a team of Langley real estate agents that seem proactive about finding a buyer for your home rather than waiting for one to come to them.

Edmonton Real Estate Agents

You’ll find some of Alberta’s most experienced real estate pros in Edmonton. Look for an office with Edmonton real estate agents who have been in town for years. They’ll have a solid grip on how to sell a home in Edmonton, and the agents will have a large network of contacts, one of the keys to getting houses sold.

Calgary Condos for Sales

Many families are transitioning to condo living as their circumstances change. Condos in Calgary offer many conveniences include proximity to shopping, medical care and cultural opportunities. If you’re selling your house but unsure on the next step, take a look at Calgary condos for sale, and you just might find your next home.

Finding a Good Realtor

These tips will help you find the right realtor to market your home.

  • Ask family and friends for recommendations, and begin to compile a list of prospective agents
  • Interview three to five agents to discover their experience in your market and their strategy for selling your home
  • Check out their online marketing, since more than 90 per cent of homebuyers start their house search on the Internet
  • Choose a full-time realtor rather than someone with another full-time job who dabbles in real estate for extra income

Getting your home prepared for sale and finding the right realtor for the job using these tips will help ensure a quick and profitable home-selling experience.